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    Dear sirs we confirm that registration for citizens of your country in betcity is forbidden

    Дата публикации: 2019-03-23 10:39

    - the cost of a PET course
    - accommodation with a host family
    - evening activities
    - class size and teachers

    What is the plural of "Dear Madam"? — Digital Spy

    Actually, even if a service provider or business related contact approaches me in this way the result is the same. It indicates they did not spend their time to find out I am not a Sir. I don 8767 t know about you but I prefer to spend my money with those who take the time know who they are communicating with.

    The Domain Name Scam | Domain Name Scam

    Many thanks for your letter of 5 February. We have now given careful consideration to your comments on our offer of men's suiting.

    The Enquiry Letter | tempekemulmanget2

    This is a letter regarding brand and some based domain names. We are a Chinese domain registrar. Recently we received the registration application from Shenzhen TON Co. Limited,they want to register the brand and some domain names. Firstly,we want to confirm if the company is your company 8767 s cooperative partner. Secondly,we need to verify whether you have allowed the company to apply these names.

    Below are a series of website links to free resources for practising and testing your English language and your Business language:

    Dear Sirs , We want to search the Belts . If you have procure the daewoo parts , please contact with us . Best.

    One of Britain’s most prestigious law firms has banned the use of “Dear sirs” from all of its legal documents and communications, apparently the first of the “magic circle” of top City legal companies to do so.

    Best Regards,
    Parker Wu
    Tel: + Fax:+
    Address: No. 678, ChangJiang Road Hefei 785555 China

    Now we are processing this application. Our center needs to confirm whether the application is authorized by your company. If so, we will continue the next step of registration. If not, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can deal with the problem in time. Waiting for your prompt reply, thanks.

    Outside its conventional use as a written salutation, sir is a convenient word to have in a situation in which one wishes to politely catch the attention of a stranger: